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A complete path, which starts from the basics, like the technique and knowledge of raw materials, to get to making drinks. The course will introduce you to the world of bartending, providing you with the technical tools you need to achieve in a short time high quality standards, work quickly and accuracy and to relate correctly with the customer


Who is the Bartender ?

• Set-Up • Tools • Glasses • Barback & HACCP • Fruit and Garnish • Table service management • Pouring • Commodity study • Preparation techniques • The taste • The structure of the cocktails • Balance • Classic recipes

Course duration 24 hours for three days for 8 hours from Monday to Friday. Trainer Pantaleone zoccali

Basic Barista and Cafeteria Course (Coffee Corse basic)

This course is designed for those who have just started the barista profession, who would like to do so or for all those who already work in this sector but want to improve their professionalism starting from two words: quality and knowledge.

Latte art evolution

This course can be combined with a second day that examines the world of latte art and the competitions of the Lags circuit (latte art grading system).



duration of the course 2 days 8 hours a day Trainer Pantaleone zoccali

course mixologist evolution


duration of the course 3 days full immersion 8 hours a day Trainer Pantaleone zoccali

Professional Craft bar experience

Vitaly kolpin's

Not only technique … but also personal growth! Vitaly Kolpin’s training format includes a series of technical and psychological notions to make the preparation of a drink a unique experience for the customer:

1. The professionalism behind the bar – What it means to be a professional bartender. The most important features. – Psychological approach and customer loyalty – Using perceptions to understand who you are in front of (the guest) – What is the flair behind the counter and why we do it

2. Manual skills – How to improve it and for what purpose. How it helps us in everyday work. – Development of memory, imagination and concentration. – Concentration and coordination exercises.

3. Properties of language – How to exploit it at the bar and in the profession – Speaking in a clearer and more understandable way

4. Positive Thinking – Positive thinking in everyday life, and in every situation – How to exploit it at the bar and in the profession

5. Pouring, handles, pouring techniques – Basic pouring techniques. Learn to pour quickly, spectacularly, without drops and spills – Pour on the bar top (various handles, various glasses) – Free pouring in the shaker and jigger – Pour with both hands

6. Finger skills – Exercises to improve dexterity – Micro movements with spoon, muddler and jigger

7. Jigger movements and combinations.

8. Basic and advanced movements with spoon (both hands)

9. Movements with the shaker – Boston Shaker – Cobbler shaker

10. Movements with coasters, napkins and straws


Fabio Raucci

The opportunity to meet and know one of the most successful F&B manager, who has joined important companies worldwide, such as the prestigious Jumeirah group. A masterclass where Fabio Raucci will reveal secrets, studies to follow the right path that leads to this fundamental position through the scenario of modern hospitality.

Michelin Star Masterclass

stelios sakalis

Stelios Sakalis is a starred Greek chef but he’s been living for more than a decade in Italy and he will make you discover his cuisine made by a fusion between eastern and western flavours with a definitely rollercoaster cuisine where strong and intense flavours alternate with more delicate ones. He has collaborated with great chefs such as Gordon Ramsay, Heston Blumenthal, Giancarlo Perbellini, Simone Zanoni and Ettore Bodrini. His background may give us an idea about the experience and creativity of our Stelios.

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