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The sunsets of Ulysses

traveling in Calabria

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Legend has it that Ulysses, having escaped the monsters of Scilla and Charybdis, went to Vaticinium (today’s Capo Vaticano) to seek advice from the prophetess Manto regarding the continuation of his journey. It was just going up the Costa degli Dei that struck by the wonderful sunsets on Stromboli then decided to sail to the Aeolian Islands where the good Aeolus gave him the wineskin of the winds.

Omero, Odissea

Calabria between sea and nature, a land to discover..

Recently the "National Geographic" has consecrated the region by listing the places that are worth visiting at least once in a lifetime.

The program will take place in 2 cards: didactic / food and wine and historical

Arrival in Lamezia Terme, a shuttle will take you near Capo Vaticano to a villa for the stay.

Free afternoon (arrival in the morning recommended) visit of the beach of grotticelle. visit of the lighthouse.

Visit to local producer nduja monte poro, oregano harvest, lunch on the farm, afternoon visit to red onion producer and after Riaci beach.


Visit to the pasta maker farm, distillery, lunch in countyside. Afternoon “Tono” beach. Famous ice cream in a suggestive location

Visit to the Sovereto farm for mozzarella and ricotta production, calf birth if opportunities arise. afternoon tropea beach.

A journey to discover one of the most uncontaminated and fascinating places in Italy.
Calabria, in particular the coast of the Gods which extends from Nicotera to Pizzo Calabro.
We will visit Tropea with its monastery and suggestive views, Capo Vaticano with its magical promontories that enchanted Ulysses on his legendary journey, Scilla with its castle, and many other wonders.

Packed lunch on Mount Elia. Afternoon Capovaticano beach

Morning fishing in santa maria with typical boats. Lunch on site, sea until sunset and return in the evening for a final dinner at “Da Barbone” restaurant

Departure for return to Lamezia Terme Airport.

Lamezia terme

Lamezia Terme "Sant'Eufemia" Airport is located in the homonymous district of the municipality of Lamezia Terme, it is the main airport in Calabria and one of the first in the South for passenger traffic. The Lametine airport operates scheduled connections for both national and international flights and charter connections organized by tour operators for intercontinental flights. Thanks to its central geographical position in the region, and therefore easily accessible, it serves all of Calabria and also some municipalities of the nearby regions.

International Airport

The airport was inaugurated in June 1976 and in the following December the Itavia airline began to operate scheduled flights to Rome-Ciampino, Milan-Linate, Catania and Palermo. The design of the passenger terminal is due to the group of designers constituted by the architect Piero Moroli (group leader), with ing. A. Maffey, G. and G. Pennestri, winner of the competition announced in 1971.
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Traveling in Calabria

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