A course tailored for those who intend this
profession as a true lifestyle. Working in
Luxury implies a radical change in the daily
routine, leading to a positive impact in the
psychological and behavioural aspects of life

transform the art of mixing into something truly unique

CEO - Chief Executive Officer

Pantaleone Zoccali barmanager

Born in Calabria, he grew on the coast of the gods between nicotera and tropea, he begun very young to make the summer seasons, after the hotel school he starts alternating summer and winter seasons between madonna di campiglio, cortina d ampezzo and lake garda. He worked in the top locations in his homeland and then decides to undertake a growth path between northern Italy, France, Switzerland and the United Kingdom with experiences in groups such as Accor, Four season, Royal Automobile Club and other prestigious locations such as the Grantley hall hotel relais&chateaux. He is currently located in the UK.

“That's the problem with drinking, I thought, as I poured myself a drink. If something bad happens you drink in an attempt to forget; if something good happens you drink in order to celebrate; and if nothing happens you drink to make something happen.”

charles bukowski

About us

Luxurybarconsulting offers a wide and highly qualified training courses focuses on the luxury bar and Food & Beverage management in all its various sections.

Since 2020 we have created a dedicated team of professionals in the hospitality field, whose target is to provide to fellow professional and enthusiastic workers the right tools to understand, acquire and put into practice all those skills related to the luxury service, thanks to the expertise, passion and high qualifications of our teachers.

Luxurybarconsulting perfectly embodies the meaning of Luxury itself, the perfect mix of education, style, class and elegance in the customer service.

Our experience, made within 30 years of working in this area of hospitality, is now available for those who wish to acquire the true luxury culture, matching traditional gesture and skills, with innovation and creativity.

Luxurybarconsulting represents, indeed, the natural evolution of the classic customer service, now shaped into a more pragmatic and up-to-date concept, aimed to satisfy and anticipate customers’ needs.

We are coming to you

Are you managing a working team in a hotel, bar, restaurant or hospitality school? We can customize our training courses according to your needs, bringing our professional staff directly to your working place.

If you are able to provide a suitable environment for the courses, we can comfortably organize the lessons in your town, allowing you to save those travelling costs which usually represent an important expense within the choice of training courses.

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


what is luxury

The real heart of a luxury hotel is made by its staff. What really makes the difference between a standard hotel and a luxury one is a team of dedicated and professional people, capable of doing everything to ensure that every guest request is met. The bar in a luxury hotel, what is the best way to manage and organise, it requires extraordinary knowledge and managerial skills that you can acquire only with the right course in a luxury bar

And much more

Basic Cafeteria Course

This course is designed for those who have just started the barista profession, who would like to do so or for all those who already work in this sector but want to improve their professionalism starting from two words: quality and knowledge.

Latte art evolution

This course can be combined with a second day that examines the world of latte art and the competitions of the Lags circuit (latte art grading system).

Luxury bar service

A course intended for those who want to make this work a lifestyle. Working in the luxury segment involves a radical change in one’s daily habits that will have a positive impact on the psychological and behavioral aspects of our life.

mixology evolution

Advanced course for barmen who want to deepen techniques, knowledge and preparation to be at the top with the concept of mixology. A highly professional program, unique of its kind for its extension of notions


Vitaly Kolpin’s training format includes a series of technical and psychological notions to make the preparation of a drink a unique experience for the customer

Professional Fb masterclass

A masterclass where Fabio Raucci will reveal secrets, studies to follow the right path that leads to this fundamental position through the scenario of modern hospitality.


Teamwork divides tasks and multiplies success


Pantaleone Zoccali

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Fabio Raucci


Stelios Sakalis


Vitali Kolpin


Andrea Cacciatore


Professional bar experience.

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